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Diary of 16-year-old woman into prostitution
September 15, Changzhou police take away a hidden prostitution dens and arrested the couple named Mao organized prostitution and three prostitutes. Police investigators very surprised that, one only 16 years old, turned out to be a minor girl named Mao couple's daughter, the other two prostitutes was named Mao's niece. Police seized three books, a densely documented control named Mao couple times three prostitutes prostitution more than a year, a profit of four $ 500,000 sin facts. In addition, a diary with a lock, the recording process of the girls into prostitution, resentment of their parents, as well as her clients and a "baby,louboutin soldes," the love story.
Invited experts sudden disappearance
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A police investigation, suspected of prostitution off at the police station!
September 16 7:00 am, Changzhou, a business group staff began nervously looking for their invitation to a foreign expert. The expert is an authority in the industry, is finally invited to the conference group. However, the staff found that the experts did not attend the dinner reception the day before, did not eat breakfast. Staff repeatedly to experts call phone displays off. Knock on the door to the living room experts, no one has been answered.
Is something wrong  In desperation, the staff opened the door experts, found that experts are not in the room, but he was carrying a change of clothes, conference materials, etc. are all in, is it such a big living missing  You know,giubbotti peuterey uomo, this meeting September 16, which experts speaker,louboutin homme,louboutin paris o8hB5S6F8c, is sure to stage a speech. Seeing 9:00 would start on time, but can not find pleasant, business groups had rushed to the police.
Stakes! Changzhou city police immediately launched a search. Police found through the hotel door monitoring, September 15 afternoon, the experts took a taxi to leave the hotel. Police immediately on the running track will be judged analysis taxi, and soon found that in about four or five o'clock in the afternoon, the taxi turned the corner expert Changzhou one called Hall Hamamatsu branch road. Shortly afterward, police investigators found that the experts on suspicion of prostitution, was arrested and brought into the police station, the police station is still on trial.
Originally, the area's police station on suspicion of prostitution, a foot shop when "net income", caught the expert. The expert confessed that, when he was to walk outside the hotel, where the taxi driver Shunkou Wen have fun, the results of the taxi driver took him to this very subtle foot store. He just "little knock back", but he was to catch up, he felt very ashamed, embarrassed to seek help from others.
Take away Yinwo boss caught a couple
Three prostitutes a niece is the daughter of two is!
Located on the road to prostitution den Hall Bang rent is a street of private houses, stores, put the three white chairs, hanging foot store's business license, the store is very clean, there are some feet barrel , spices, etc.,hogan scarpe, looks very formal. However,bianca louboutin, the area's police station Yonghong close observation for a long time to determine which is actually a "trickery" of pornography dens.
Involved in handling cases of police told reporters that foot store has long rented a house, but the middle and off the business, and later closed for a long period of time. Police also suspect the shop pornography,moncler prezzi E47hu4cMHG, and therefore went raided repeatedly, but each time did not catch the current action, so that the police is very depressed.
However,dior occhiali da sole 2a1r891, the external investigation police point of view, this foot store often have some men coming and going, but in the stores,asics gel saga, the chair, only occasionally see one or two men do pedicures. In addition, as long as the police or the police around, there are always some men beat shop, or turn off the shop, it is clearly signaling to the people inside.
Finally, the police decided to rent a foot store near the house, arrange plainclothes police secretly observe and gather evidence. Police investigators soon discovered that if it is "calm" when the man got into the foot store then, after a while or out of the door. Once a stranger near, into the store man on the "disappeared". This means that, in foot store also hidden a secret door or dark windows, to prevent the public security department to check, you can escape from the secret door or dark windows. All the evidence shows that this foot store secretly engaged in pornography.
At 17:00 on September 15th, Yonghong police decided to "close the net", one stroke take away the pornography dens. Police investigators two-pronged, in which a group dedicated to export guarded secret door,moncler pas cher, and soon five prostitutes men one by one "right time" to escape from the outlet when the trapdoor. Anterior police then quickly control the foot store owner Mao couples, and men three prostitutes, which was wrapped in linen look of a woman looks immature.
According to the survey, Mao couples are Zhejiang Taishun people, male 38-year-old, 36-year-old woman. Last year they came to Changzhou, by foot store opened to provide sexual services to make money. Because the public security departments to combat severe, they often have to foot store "move." In a subsequent review, so that police investigators stunned that three couples control prostitution Girls Mao, one is their daughter, "Concubine", only 16 years old,hollister roma, too young! The other two actually their niece "color" and "ting", a 22-year-old, a 20-year-old.
Foot store seized three books
To prevent the police, many are still using a password to remember!
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Police investigators at the foot store search found a very hidden secret door, and opened the secret door is a double bed. Double quilt together on a messy pile, placed on the bed next to the condoms and toilet paper. After careful examination, the police found three books in a very covert counter drawer. One of the record monthly income last year, a record to be given to "Miss" their money. There is a record of guests and income received per person per day this year.
Reporters saw, read, from January 2009 to August this year, the monthly income of the monthly income of two record books. For example these 20 months, the average monthly income in four million, the highest revenue in January this year, there are 6.8 million yuan, as the August 4567 is "off-season", only two or three million. And in the record of each "Miss" monthly income of the books, three paper were written the "Concubine", "color" and "ting." For example, "Concubine" earned in February last year more than 20,longchamp paris,000 yuan, but half points with the boss, but also to deduct the cost of living and the like, could get the hand only more than 9,000 yuan. At least a month to get four or five thousand, most of the time there are thirteen thousand four thousand. This year there is a record of the accounts, top with A, B, C stands for "Concubine", "color" and "ting", each day corresponds 3,6,10 and other digital sum, Sum. Police investigators told reporters that the number of clients on behalf of the three prostitutes received daily,scarpe hogan, as well as the type of services provided. However, 3,6,10, respectively,BhvqezRcJ3,air max rose, corresponding in fact,louboutin pas cher, should be 30, 60 and 100, are available in three service fees. This is clearly cautious boss in order to cope with police checks, he came up with the "Password accounting" trick.
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In the police station, iron Mao couple face the same evidence, had confessed all his crimes. Where the woman said, in their home, are laugh poverty but not prostitution, so they took 16-year-old daughter and two nieces out "money." "Let them make more money while you're young, then return home to find a man to marry." Sometimes, some guests want to find a virgin, she would push to the front of her daughter, in all seriousness,piumini moncler 8A1O8v10mm, this is her daughter, it is definitely a virgin. To this end, she even got some special advertising hymen repair, with her daughter to surgery.
Also this diary with a lock
16-year-old prostitutes to record their love story!
In full of cosmetics, condoms, toilet paper drawer,converse fourrée, police also found a "Concubine" diary with a password lock. Open diary, which recorded sporadically procedure "Concubine" prostitution, parents resentment, resentment of their own destiny. In addition, the diary also detailed record of a clients Gillian and "Baby," the love story. In each of the last diary, she will say, I wish the business is booming himself. Also Come, come on! She said she would like to change jobs as soon as possible, and then do the "baby" of the bride.
"Baby" Today, wages, and the money he would see me. And "Baby" know almost three months, he spent a lot on me money. True love is an angel in disguise, some Nie Yuan joke but a devil. I and "Baby" is the love or Fatal Attraction
Tired today, those workers on site after coming a full year-end awards. One day do more than 20 stalls guests, earning 2,000 yuan. A guest was drunk, suddenly he gave me 1,000 yuan, really happy. Doing all the work,jordan en ligne, already is more than 1:00. I really do not know, so alive for what, just for the money you, Is it worth it
You also vowed that does not matter, now fight for this was referred to the point, really sad. Dear hearts perfect girl is not talk to you every day shopping together, watching movies together often  I'm not that girl. You only think for themselves, not as I would like, I really hope you can understand me. With your support, it is my greatest strength! I have now for you to change. We hope that our love will accept any challenge!
Whenever I have to believe him, I believe, "baby" loves me, he will take responsibility. Today, he said to me: Together we save money, work hard for the future. This is a good suggestion, I have to work hard.
I told him not to come, I am here in no sense to spend money, but he did not listen, every two or three days to come. He watched their hard earned wages to my parents,asics hardloopschoenen 8z7XNX,louboutin femme escarpin,christian louboutin paris Sy1, I'm so bitter. Parents have to be aware of us, I suspect Dad "big knock back" received only a "little knock back" the money,boutique louboutin 6XkfzYfoTO,louboutin femme site officiel, harsh training my meal.
I heard that I grew up did not eat pizza, "Baby" dedicated to the Pizza Hut after work today I bought a 9-inch pizza, good move. Two sisters told me to be careful not to move his true feelings, do we have this line, you can not have feelings
Sometimes, I often think, why is this my fate. If not so, "Baby" can joke with me every day! Well, well, there are too many bothering. Or to make money now! Mom said, I just do it for two years, you can go home. Come on, Johnson! I believe in fate will not come teasing you, to dream and go forth! GOGO!
I am very thrilling, almost got caught, I heard my parents sign, I'm pushing the guests to leave from the back door, the money has not been received. Well, nothing like people. Read the newspaper said Beijing "heaven on earth" accident, recently playing very tight here, around the original shops are closed, leaving only one we are still struggling.
00:20. Suddenly I feel good "degrading." Obviously had a love me, hurt me all along what my boyfriend, why do I like this  I feel really good shame! He told me good, my guilt heavier ......
Recently business is bad, one day I only had two, a total of 80 yuan. My parents moan and groan, I was secretly pleased. Second guest today not to go, "Baby" came, in order that the old colors ruthless, "Baby" jealous, and he went away angry, but also send text messages to quarrel with me.
"When dinner thinking of you, thinking of you at work." This message will always remain in my cell phone, which is "Baby" at noon sent. I believe him, and so save enough money, I would change jobs, I want to be his bride. (Taking into account the protection of minors, involving people using a pseudonym)
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