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Scene scene
A dozen people armed with Daogun telling anyone to play at the site,louboutin france, the site after two men were wounded, four Chuanmei Zi tightly grabbed the leader of the gang. After police intervention, accidentally discovered that the man was actually wanted online. The four Chuanmei Zi there is one person in seven months pregnant.
Daogun dozen people armed men broke into the site of the leading hands on pregnant women
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At 9:30 on July 20, a northern suburb of Xi'an Road red flag,louboutin soldes FzB6ity8e7, because of funding problems a suspension of "Europa town" site suddenly broke into a dozen men. "It looks like all their twenties and thirties, very tall, physically fit, hands are holding an iron bar or a foot-long knives." Uncle Ho said the porter, after entering the site, the group took out a box of new The blue helmets, each picking up one of the building will not be completed placement of the elevator place surrounded, ready to let the elevator company in the installation of lifts.
When Uncle Ho stepped forward to ask, one man one will lead him out,[url=http://cutyayu.sakura.ne.jp/cabbs/sunbbs.cgi?mode=form&no=113&page=cinture ermenegildo zegna 8Hb[/url], it came again, opened again.
At this time, seven months pregnant Xia Moumou just out for a walk, before she and her husband are working in construction,hogan rebel saldi, currently still staying here. See how old was pushing, worried that he suffer, Xia Moumou came and discouraged, I did not expect was the leading man in front of her two ears, when Xia Moumou with my hand, was the man grabbed wildly pinch.
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A migrant workers woman was knocked to the ground forces will man grabbed 4
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Gangjin Gong surname Wang (female) just after, see Xia Moumou being bullied,moncler soldes, ready to forward the theory,woolrich abbigliamento, I did not expect, the lead man on the face is a few ears surname Wang, enraged surname Wang pulled the man .
In this case, 36-year-old returned to the site from outside the reinforcing steel bar Xiamou see someone playing the surname Wang,louboutin prix, quickly rushed past, who knows before he told the other person, it was a surprise attack from behind his head endured iron, suddenly face covered in blood,abercrombie shop online,hogan donna JMyq6gfHC0, ran straight down to the ground and fainted. See her husband was overthrown,chaussure zanotti, Xiamou wife Moumou shouted, picking up an iron bar on the ground rushed past, the group scattered to escape,louboutin pas cher, leading men are also struggling to go, but was clung surname Wang.
"He shouted let me let go, and kept beating me with their fists, but I just grabbed him by the collar and hold firmly." Surname Wang said, was anxious to play, she would mouth bite the man's arm . See unidentified people had fled,giuseppe zanotti bottes,golden goose saldi p7w8979EyJ, the Moumou surname Wang came to help hold man. Subsequently, Wang Xia Moumou and concrete worker (female) also grabbed the man rushed over, four people died kill this man control.
Wanted man caught actually worked in Fufeng when "underground out of the police force."
Thereafter, the migrant workers on site who heard. Alarm, Chanba Ecological District public security bureau Chan waterway police quickly out of the police will lead man to the police station.
Xiamou also injured was taken to hospital, he was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, concussion, head laceration.
When the police station are taking note, the lead party that men actually Fufeng police online pursuit of the wanted man. It is understood that on the 20th in the evening, Xi'an police have handed over the man to Fufeng police.
Yesterday, the Chinese Commercial News reporters Cong Chan and Shui Lu Hua police learned that the arrested man called Yang Wentao,peuterey donna, 28 years old, who lives in Fufeng county towns, since January this year, Yang Wentao, together with others, armed with machetes, and other weapons Yang ho, on several occasions in Fufeng county towns,bvlgari bracciali J40MYXW4v9, Xinglin town, called town and other public places for others to deal with the dispute, and afterwards to receive commissions,parajumpers store, bad social impact. The trouble with the site disputes.
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At present, Xi'an police to other ten people involved in the case are still under investigation, but police hope the day to participate in batterer can go Chan waterway police station to surrender as soon as possible.
"Was pretty scared, fellow trouble can be united"
And this clashes seize Yang Wentao's four working woman, are Meishan City, Sichuan Province Renshou County and Dazhou Wanyuan County.
"At that time did not think,jordan basket, is to see how old was bullied, afraid he lose,rayban occhiali da vista auwS, will forget that he is also the pregnant." 24-year-old Xia Moumou said.
"In fact, my heart very afraid." 45-year-old surname Wang said, those who are holding Daogun, the leading man is not only tall, very strong, "I bite when he found Duyao not move."
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"That man has a tattoo of the arm and chest, one arm in the text of the train." 40-year-old Wang said.
38-year-old Chen Moumou say, to see them bullying the workers, her husband was wounded,golden goose milano, she worried,louboutin passion, "all the villagers, out of work, things will certainly be united encounter, can not let others bully." Did not expect online catch turned out to be wanted.
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China Chinese Commercial News reporter Cui Yongli
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